Tuesday, June 22, 2010

why MEEEE????

I've always been an old soul, I think.

I used to scour the library for books on ancient Egypt, Greece, colonial times; you name it, I read it.

I wanted so badly to live in a more romantic time.

And that's how I still look at it. Time's may not have been simpler, but they seem more whimsical.

No constant text messaging, just sweet taps of pebbles on your window...or up your parapet.

Or beautiful dresses that left more to be desired, not tiny shorts that squeeze my muffin top.

I want a time of poetry and chivalry; a time to lay in the woods and hear the birds chirp.

At the very least I just want to have lived in a time where I could say

"Back in the old country..."

I love that phrase, I'm going to start using it anyway even if it makes no sense.

I bet you can't wait.

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