Thursday, September 13, 2012

EPIC PHOTO POST summertime!

Summer was fabulous, and chaotic, and a bit startling/sad, more on that to's a photo montage to go with that episode of bachelor pad you're watching, you filthy animal.

Ro Ro is a gangsta

the perennial lake

the boat tied up is Brandon's new lover

this awesome town called Yak

Vida hiding

my family came to the lake this year!

our little lily of the valley

after our first triathlon

Royce and Dior learning to eat

this is how Vida wears every helmet


the long and winding road

awwww man, I've told you guys about that problem I have when I start to do something that makes my anxious (like not blogging for a longtime) and then I get extra anxious and keep doing whatever is making me anxious (not blogging some more) until I totally go mental. I am. I'll be back for a while.