Friday, March 26, 2010

Take a Stand Friday

I love to fight injustice!

Really it probably has to do with my need to fight just about anything, but better the evil in the world than my husband right?

There's so much good that each of us can do just armed with our own awareness, so I'm here to hopefully shed some light for others on some issues I find compelling.

So from now on Fridays will be my feature day...where I will feature ways to take down injustice, you got that right?

Last night B, my lovely niece Maegan, and I watched the documentary The Cove. It's about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan.

I personally have a problem with any type of animals that are kept in captivity for our pleasure, and was wondering if you've ever thought about what its really like for them?

To help the dolphins you can text 'dolphin' to 44144.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Fresh out the even, along with my first batch of whole wheat bread (cross your fingers)

Like the leaves above the soil
You help me to breathe.
Absorbing light, adding strength
to my rich darkness.
Dancing above me, twirling to the
music of the earth;
the beat of every hand and foot.
I love your beauty and your joy.
What gives strength to me
will help you to grow.

I'll be the rocky shore
to your rolling coast.
Break me down to a fine powder,
like golden jewels beneath your waves.
Laying peacfully still watching you twist and
rolling with the screech of gulls.
I will reckon to your ebb and flow
For the life that lives in you
resides in me.

I am the question to your sure answer.
A squiggle a dot, adding what?
A fresh breeze from a just opened window.
You follow my curves, jump off at my point;
my soul sings a song of existence.
Steady you guide me home.
For you know what I know,
and that is enough.

You are the mountain
I set out to conquer.
Setting visions of granduer ablaze in my head.
Rising before me, demanding respect.
I climb higher and further than any before.
Breast heaving to capture your piercing fresh air.
I surrender myself yelling "Take all of me!"
The echo cries back!
For we are one.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mi Familia

I know that families can be together forever.


                 I know that through the love and example of our own Heavenly Father
and our elder brother Jesus Christ, we can become perfect


What more could a girl ask for?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home away from home

I love Utah.

There, I've said it.

                                          experiences there.

And Places
I miss my Home away from Homes.
I miss knowing everyone is Mormon!
I miss temples on every corner,
 outdoor pools and BYU!
the Mountains.
The people, the church library, cafe rio, zupas, macaronni grill...
and the list is endless.
 I'm grateful for my home here in Calgary, and love that I can also call California my home;
but a part of me will always stay on the Wasatch Front.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Letter to THE Universe.

Dear Universe,
I'm so glad it's almost spring here in Canuck land. It is warm and bright, and everything begins to smell of manure (unexplicably) as the snow thaws. I looooooooove the smell of manure, and mulch, and dirt ummmmmmmm, and sand (I like to eat a little of that too), Brandon's dirty armpits, and farts. I llllllloooovvvve bad smells. Thank you universe for cooperating with God on that one. I am so ready to go outside with sweet baby V, I think that she has little to no idea what this is. Therefore I must take her hiking to show her the wonders of the world. I am becoming more of who I want to be, I think. I got lost for a while, now I'm back on track. Peanut butter helps sooooooo much. Right now I put it on rice cakes with honey. I only eat the all natural peanut butter with just 1 ingredient: Peanuts. But when we go to the cabin in the summer and they have the p.b. with the sugar I eat a lot. It is a very special treat. Yummmmm. Summer and p.b., can't wait.

---Keep it fresh Uni---


Friday, March 5, 2010

HUbbA huBBa

I think often of my love. In  fact I think most often of him more than anything else.
( I don't think that sentence is grammatical/sensically correct.)
I have fabulous conversations with him in my head all day, and then he comes home,

we snuggle

I love the feel of his big barrel chest.
He puts smiles on my face in a way that makes me feel like I'm sitting on a mountain with golden rays all around me and I've just eaten a fresh peach.

You know this smile.

We celebrated his 26 birthday this week,
I have know him while he was 22,23,24,25,and now 26!

I am lucky.

Since I've met him I can't figure him out,
he is the biggest suprise.
Just what I need.
I love him shamelessly.

Brand's Top Five Attributes
(from my own biased opinion)

1. his unadulterated, indelible nature that just
plows through this thing called life.
2. His booming voice; the first thing I remember about him,
and probably the last thing I will ever hear in this life.
3. He's so funny!
4. His drive for success.
5. His love of God and all things holy.

What more could I ask for?

Oh yeah, he's the greatest dad to Vida.