Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Healthy. Happy. Beautiful.

This post title is my new mantra. I am trying to get very serious about the things that make me feel good. Like running, and training for a 10K. Or practicing yoga for my own bodily benefits, but also to enhance my teaching. (It's strange that I never talk about teaching yoga on the blog, because that's all I really do, but that's probably why I don't) Writing poetry, getting the hubby to help me clean the kitchen, going to the park! Now that we finally are getting nicer weather. It's crazy, in California, June meant summer to us, and it was like 85 deg already. Here in Eskimo land it was 58 deg yesterday and we were sweating. Literally, it is soooo balmy to us. Gotta love it. Put V in the swing at the park for the first time yesterday, cuteness to the max that little one. She would kind of lean back everytime at the top and freak herself out.

Edit: This post was written forever ago, but I never posted it...so here...it still applies...and I think I'm coming back to bloggerville.


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  1. What an ABORABLE smile she has, you cant look at her without smiling back! These are great pictures:)