Thursday, April 21, 2011

too too, too much to handle

Did you know that I started this blog to be nice? To focus on the positive, and to be uplifting to myself. Because back in the day, I could get batshiz crazy, I'm talking laugh out loud funny, mean. Do any of you faithful Olivia life subscribers remember when I was mean? I relish those thoughts... I used to lie, steal, cheat, and cavort. Then I found Jesus, true story.

Now, I'm trying to be nice. Only, today I told my brother, (and I prefaced it with "I'm sorry, this is going to be mean,") who is 13 (=annoying x10) that the literal thought in my head each time I heard him talk was 'you're wasting my oxygen.' He and my mom laughed, because everyone loved(s) the mean me. Except for Brandon, he says he starts to hate me when I'm around my family (because of how hilarious rude I am to them, if you haven't caught on) so I have become Mother Theresa for him. He is a stick in the mud, just kidding...kinda.

whateves, I will end this post with a nice thought. Someday, if I win a million dollars, I will give a dollar to each of you who are following today. That's true love.

And class.

Peace homies

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm at a very emotional crossroads in my life, mostly dealing with mounting hormones. Can you guess why?

In grocery store see a little girl start to get hysterical because she lost her mom, as I start to walk up to her the mom appears. Already crying...

watching The Last Airbender (worst movie ever) crying because they're "suppressed".

any of those ads that have little children in foreign countries.

I once bawled, like a baby, at a homeless man asking for money in the street, as I drove by, while pregnant with Vida.

It kind of blows, knowing I'm a ticking time bomb of snot and salty secretions; but, on the other hand I like that my empathy switch has been more acutely switched "on". To sit on my couch, cry for a few minutes, feel pain and sorrow for others, and then say a little prayer.

Its all going to end right.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shake and Bake

I am not a Shake and Bake dinner, I am like a gourmet chicken cordon bleu (that's the classiest thing you can think right now Olive? Great.) that needs, one of those mallets to BAM BAM BAM me out, some stuffing, and lots of other tender lovin cares. No easy in the bag, ready in minutes. What I'm trying to say is, I  require time, and patience, and that little something extra. I know that I have a Heavenly Father, and a loving Savior, who are preheating the oven as we speak. We're in this for the long haul, and they will give me all the time, all the love, and all the fun along. I am grateful for this opportunity to live, to love, to blossom. I'm grateful for a husband who has chosen to stand by me for time and all eternity, for my sweet bitty daughter who teaches me patience, for  the gospel that has given me a path to follow, for all the many, many comforts I enjoy, but do not necessarily deserve. My blessings abound.

For those of you who don't know, our church has a general conference twice a year (first weekend in April, and October). A gathering all around the worlds to listen to the leaders of our church speak on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the modern maladies and balms for our days.

Here are a two of my favorite talks:

Elder Richard G. Scott

The Eternal Blessings of Marriage

Jean A. Stevens

Become as a Little Child

You can read, watch, listen to all of conference here .


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some people are afraid of their children dressing themselves, for fear that they won't match. We'll I dress my child like a rock star, and I dread the day she ever wants to match.