Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things About Winter

So its winter here in Alberta (again) {{sigh}}

It has already kind of snow/frosted in the morning, and it was 3 deg C yesterday, which is 37.4 deg F.

That deserves some swear words.

So here are a few observations we've made in the last couple of weeks about winter:

1) Three weeks ago I woke up and it was dark and heavy like a blanket outside. I snuggled in and thought to myself  "ah, I'm kind of ready for winter, I can do this,"

2) Then the thought that followed immediately: "I could do winter for 3 or 4 months, not the next 8 or 9."

3) 3deg is freakin' cold now, wait till its -25deg out.

4) Went to the mall yesterday and a) blew smoke while putting the stroller away, and b) got into the car after being outside for no more than 5 min and having painfully cold ears.


And the quote of the day.....

Brandon: Burrrr it's so cold!
Olivia: It's only September; why do we live here!!!!
Brandon: But it's never this cold in September here!
Olivia: Well it IS this year!


 the sun setting on all my dreams