Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am

BOLD. I am lively. I wear bold clothes, say bold things, think bold thoughts, and do the boldy bold. I like to take chances, and open myself up to people. I like to talk about things that are hard, and scintillating. Things that make me think, and things that make me want to take action.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A thought?

So I had a thought, that was related to this, which I thought was a great idea, which led me to a different thought...a reminder of a very special acting teacher I once had, Laurie Harrop-Purser. A talented, hilarious, spiritually intune, kind, giving in every sense of the word person. And she really hated when we would put ourselves down in class (I can't do this, I sucked at that, I blah blah blah) so if she caught us, we had to say 5 things we were good at/liked about ourselves. It's HARD, and nerve wracking to do in front of people. So I think that it sounds like a pretty brilliant idea to do on my blog, and to encourage each of you that reads it to either post something similar on your blog, tell someone face to face, or post on this blog. I know you're capable, I know you're talented, and I know that you should be proud of all of that bag a chips with a pickle on the side, but probably aren't. Let your light shine.

#1: I. am. funny. If you hadn't noticed. I like to make people laugh; I hope that I bring lightness into a room with me sometimes, because you know what? Sometimes the everyday everyday-ness is just a little too much, so I say have a good laugh and try to remember that each day really is so special. Each day is filled with little joys if not huge ones. You never know...

I'm so funny, that I have extra; and I'm so awesome, I was able to pass it through my uterus to this little one two punchline.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Daddy Dude

V waking B on Father's Day

Dad's seem to make the world go round. I know that in our house we're walking the thin line between having a full blown daddy's girl, and I'd be perfectly content with that (gives me a freakin break). Those twinners deserve each other. I am very grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who's guiding me this fabulous life with B, so that I could see him reaching all new levels of potential as a father, husband, and rockin' dude! Love you and your babies!

In California

Friday, June 17, 2011

What'sa poor soul to do?

I have, as usual, been lazy about the bloggies. You see I went to California and haven't taken anytime to download pics to post, so no blog. Then I had an idea for a whole week of posts, but thought that I didn't want to start that till after the photos were instead I sat here in my living room and ran in circles.

Actually, I ate almost a whole pesto-parmesan-tomato focaccia loaf to myself. It was delicious, and I can eat as many carbs as I want because I'm pregnant and going to get fat anyway. Maybe I will do some water ballet later to work it off.

No, I won't, I've never done water ballet. I wish I had though...

Anywho, this is a post to begin more posts. I am going to post a post of the posts that I will post next week. (Did you like that last sentence? It was a gift.)

I'll post for father's day!
Then I'm going to do a series on what I love about myself...bear with me, I'll explain on Monday...
And I will post Californ-I-A pictures.