Saturday, February 9, 2013

A treatise on my brain happenings

Oh winter time in Canada! Bane, lame, arcane, nothing short of insane; actually, it's been alright this year, but maybe that's only because I know I'm moving to Texas in the upcoming month! Yesterday we were taking a walk, and it was cold (duh, but actually it was "warm" for us, but still cold), and I told Vida that we would be warm in Texas soon. It's pretty much my daily mantra to her. She says, "I know, and we won't have to wear a jacket ever! We're going to sell our jackets, sell our jackets!" As she merrily skipped down the sidewalk. Amen sista, amen.

Vida's actually obsessed with selling our stuff. I went through all our stuff, sorted out what we don't need, and told her we were going to have a garage sale. She digs through the pile now, trying to hoard back her clothes. And in her darkest moments she whimpers things like: "don't sell this dress," or "don't sell all my toys," hehe.

And now, pictures of things that dance in my brain and my dreams:


breastfeeding adopted child

watch on netflix

You know, for those interested in watching subtitled documentaries on Russian mafia bosses.

Happy wanderings this Satur Day.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

love and crystals

I don't particularly feel like being overly informative right now, so I'm going to leave out the technical blah blah (for right now) on my raw cleanse. I'll give you the links here to the actual cleanse , and here to their full website. Suffice it to say though, that I am enjoying myself, I don't feel hungry, or really even yucky from my cleanse. I'm really enjoying it.

There was an interesting thought included in the packet that I would like to talk about though. We all know that I espouse self acceptance, and body consciousness and love, again with the blah blah... But something they said stopped me dead in my tracks. Could I look in the mirror each morning and say, "I love you." TO MY FACE!?! So I thought about it. I can say the words, "I love myself." but even that's different, more removed. I felt uncomfortable saying it to my face in exactly the way I would say it to Brandon's face, or to one of my kids. Why? Don't I truly believe in the idea that you can't truly love someone else until you love oneself? I do, I do; so I practised for a few days, and I now feel pretty good about saying it to myself. Maybe it was more of a just getting used to it, than an actual hang up, but still a barrier that I think makes a difference.

I asked Brandon if he could do it, and he said he would feel uncomfortable. I'd be interested to hear everyones thoughts on this, or give it a shot and tell us some results.