Tuesday, June 15, 2010


 Me looking fiendish in my bachelorette days.

Brandon went to play church basketball last night at 9 PM.

That leads me to trouble...I turn  on the TV.

Last night I watched the Bachelorette. Oh man, I'm kinda hooked!

But mostly because it makes me wish that I was single again so I could be the Bachelorette!!!!!

Is that rude to say?

My top 5 reasons:

1) Uhhh, having guys faun all over you and turning all of their guts inside out and making everything a bloody dramatic mess. OHHHHHHH I miss that!


3) Kissing. Because if you're married you know that husband and wife's don't do that.

4) Looking pretty all the time. Who doesn't want to find their true love with a studio makeup team and quality back lighting.

5) Winning. This gets kind of complicated here, because it's really the guys who look like their competing; but, in my head it's really a competition for me, and I loooooooove winning. Actually I love beating people.

I love to be the best.



  1. makeup team. yes.
    -jessica g.

  2. I am obsessed too..... and I totally agree with your points!!! Funny thing is Riley is also obsessed and agrees with your points..... sad isn't it!