Thursday, June 3, 2010


Why won't it stop raining here?

I don't get it.

Need sunshine to function.

Sad, sad, sad face.

I was going to run a 10K this sat, for the alberta underwear affair, but then 2 wks ago I realized it was at the same time we were supposed to be in Utah for the U2 concert. Then, last week, Bono had to have emergency back surgery, and our concert was postponed for a year! So now technically I could run; but, you have to have $300 buckaroos to run, which I didn't raise because I didn't think I'd be there, and its supposed to rain. More than anything I hate running in the cold, it hurts me ears. Real Bad. What to do?

Any suggestions....or $300....?


  1. at lululemon they have little hats that are made out of the fast drying stuff and they work really good for your ears!!! you look like a penis but it works!!!