Friday, March 26, 2010

Take a Stand Friday

I love to fight injustice!

Really it probably has to do with my need to fight just about anything, but better the evil in the world than my husband right?

There's so much good that each of us can do just armed with our own awareness, so I'm here to hopefully shed some light for others on some issues I find compelling.

So from now on Fridays will be my feature day...where I will feature ways to take down injustice, you got that right?

Last night B, my lovely niece Maegan, and I watched the documentary The Cove. It's about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan.

I personally have a problem with any type of animals that are kept in captivity for our pleasure, and was wondering if you've ever thought about what its really like for them?

To help the dolphins you can text 'dolphin' to 44144.


  1. :(... I hate people who kill dolphins!! we should start having documentary nights! I still need to watch this. I think it will change me.