Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Fresh out the even, along with my first batch of whole wheat bread (cross your fingers)

Like the leaves above the soil
You help me to breathe.
Absorbing light, adding strength
to my rich darkness.
Dancing above me, twirling to the
music of the earth;
the beat of every hand and foot.
I love your beauty and your joy.
What gives strength to me
will help you to grow.

I'll be the rocky shore
to your rolling coast.
Break me down to a fine powder,
like golden jewels beneath your waves.
Laying peacfully still watching you twist and
rolling with the screech of gulls.
I will reckon to your ebb and flow
For the life that lives in you
resides in me.

I am the question to your sure answer.
A squiggle a dot, adding what?
A fresh breeze from a just opened window.
You follow my curves, jump off at my point;
my soul sings a song of existence.
Steady you guide me home.
For you know what I know,
and that is enough.

You are the mountain
I set out to conquer.
Setting visions of granduer ablaze in my head.
Rising before me, demanding respect.
I climb higher and further than any before.
Breast heaving to capture your piercing fresh air.
I surrender myself yelling "Take all of me!"
The echo cries back!
For we are one.

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