Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oi I'm back!

Sorry to my oh so dedicated 3 readers, but I'm back.

And do I have a funny story to tell!

Last night Brandon took Vida and I to one of those seminars on finances. That type of thing really float his boat. Normally I don't go, he takes Devon, our nephew, and they go to all kinds of them; like the Rich Dad Poor Dad guy, to get pumped up and jacked about making money and stikin' it to the man, I guess. Anywho this one has a free dinner attached so I was all over it.(There's almost nothing that I love more than "free" food) So we get there and B's kind of hesitant, flip floping between whether he really wants to be there or not. I see the huge buffet and I'm like "Hunny I got an hour for this guy", so we get eatin' and everythings going fine. We ask for a high chair for V and I set her up on her vogue diet of lettuce and a carrots.
Great. Dinner's over, and the guy starts talking. V, being the baby that she is, starts to make a few little noises; and I do mean little. B and I are pretty self consious about the whole baby interupting people's activities thing and we were not phased. And the guy, who, by the way, is wearing a head mic (classy) turns to us and says "Brandon, (you know at those cheesy seminars they always try to remember your name) I hope you can get her to settle down" STARE. So we're scrambling to take her out of the high chair and she starts talking a bit and I'm shushing her, but no one really seems to mind. I mean she was no louder than that fat old guy who's always at the place you are coughing really loud in the corner. Anywho, Mr. head mic guy does not think its so cool and he's giving us the laser eye. She peeps, its the last straw. "I don't think this is going to work out Brandon, You better go." he says! On the Mic! In the middle of the presentation! Hahahaha So we go. I thought it was hilarious and satisfying; free dinner with out the obligation to hear his stupid schtick. But the best part was B was livid. He was so pissed, he said if the mic man had said one more thing he was going to start throwing punches (right) or at least swear at him (umm humm). So I laugh at B for sounding soooo trashy and then he gets mad at me and is silent cursing in his head the whole way home! Does your husband do that, you know, talk to himself so loud in his head while driving you can literally feel it, plus he kind of moves his lips. Hahaha so funny to see him so worked up. Am I the only one who thinks its not wrong to bring babies pretty much anywhere? Were we wrong?
Such is the life I guess....                    Miss Thang workin' on her push ups. She's legit.

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  1. hahaha you didn't tell me about this!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE ASKED YOU TO LEAVE!! psshhhh. (I can see brandon exactly how you described!!) I hope Vida was the one who gave him the stink eye!