Friday, March 5, 2010

HUbbA huBBa

I think often of my love. In  fact I think most often of him more than anything else.
( I don't think that sentence is grammatical/sensically correct.)
I have fabulous conversations with him in my head all day, and then he comes home,

we snuggle

I love the feel of his big barrel chest.
He puts smiles on my face in a way that makes me feel like I'm sitting on a mountain with golden rays all around me and I've just eaten a fresh peach.

You know this smile.

We celebrated his 26 birthday this week,
I have know him while he was 22,23,24,25,and now 26!

I am lucky.

Since I've met him I can't figure him out,
he is the biggest suprise.
Just what I need.
I love him shamelessly.

Brand's Top Five Attributes
(from my own biased opinion)

1. his unadulterated, indelible nature that just
plows through this thing called life.
2. His booming voice; the first thing I remember about him,
and probably the last thing I will ever hear in this life.
3. He's so funny!
4. His drive for success.
5. His love of God and all things holy.

What more could I ask for?

Oh yeah, he's the greatest dad to Vida.

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  1. awww you are such a romantic...nice to hear, I have great conversations with Matt all day long in my head too:) Good to know I'm not going crazy!