Friday, May 11, 2012

Six months of Livin'

Royce Somerset Lyons is six months old today, huzzah! We call him Roro, Roycie, Roycikins, and all kinds of other stupid names that I hope I grow out of soon. He truly is the sweetest baby, always smiling, and ready to play. He just started army crawling/inchworming it across the floor. He's been sitting on his own for a few weeks now, and he's getting really good with his hands. He' s been super interested in food for a while now, very unlike Vida at this age, so I'e been giving him some fruits and veggies. He seems to like hummus and plain tomato soup the best so far; apple sauce is growing on him. He's been sick again the last two weeks with an upper respiratory infections, and it made his eyes all gross too. We're on the mend again though, it hasn't affected his growth though (haha). The beasty weighs like 23 lbs and is 29 in  long. Good little fella.

Here's some pics we just took right now during Vida's nap.

my sweet little blue eyed wonder.

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