Thursday, April 21, 2011

too too, too much to handle

Did you know that I started this blog to be nice? To focus on the positive, and to be uplifting to myself. Because back in the day, I could get batshiz crazy, I'm talking laugh out loud funny, mean. Do any of you faithful Olivia life subscribers remember when I was mean? I relish those thoughts... I used to lie, steal, cheat, and cavort. Then I found Jesus, true story.

Now, I'm trying to be nice. Only, today I told my brother, (and I prefaced it with "I'm sorry, this is going to be mean,") who is 13 (=annoying x10) that the literal thought in my head each time I heard him talk was 'you're wasting my oxygen.' He and my mom laughed, because everyone loved(s) the mean me. Except for Brandon, he says he starts to hate me when I'm around my family (because of how hilarious rude I am to them, if you haven't caught on) so I have become Mother Theresa for him. He is a stick in the mud, just kidding...kinda.

whateves, I will end this post with a nice thought. Someday, if I win a million dollars, I will give a dollar to each of you who are following today. That's true love.

And class.

Peace homies

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