Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm at a very emotional crossroads in my life, mostly dealing with mounting hormones. Can you guess why?

In grocery store see a little girl start to get hysterical because she lost her mom, as I start to walk up to her the mom appears. Already crying...

watching The Last Airbender (worst movie ever) crying because they're "suppressed".

any of those ads that have little children in foreign countries.

I once bawled, like a baby, at a homeless man asking for money in the street, as I drove by, while pregnant with Vida.

It kind of blows, knowing I'm a ticking time bomb of snot and salty secretions; but, on the other hand I like that my empathy switch has been more acutely switched "on". To sit on my couch, cry for a few minutes, feel pain and sorrow for others, and then say a little prayer.

Its all going to end right.


  1. I know i completely missed the point, but seriously, their/they're... not the same.

  2. Ahh a new baby I am so excited! Can't wait to see you next weekend! Love you :)