Monday, February 7, 2011

untitled to you

In my mind I place your hands upon me.
Hands that always ask a fee,
Never yeilding to entrances,
of eager eyes and sobbing throat.
You are too clever
for a heart that waxes slender,
so you stop just there,
before the burgeon of my soul.

So let me begin to unfold you.
Tracing fingers down your spine.
Let my forces crash upon you,
waves that drag one out to sea.
But there you wait upon the shore,
eyes of amber all aglow
missing nothing in the challenge of a foe
content to have me lap about your feet.

I will take your heart inside me,
like a pyre burning bright;
And take you deep inside the dark,
Let you burn me from the inward out.
But like the blood red phoenix rise,
We'll come to sing anew.
For I am the weary traveler
winding down the road that is you.

If we so collided with contentment
and the world conceived persists,
I will rest my hand upon your jaw,
"Let us see this eye to eye,"
Never leave me,
Never say you can forget.
For I am the gentle breeze that rocks you,
and the stillness is the death.

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