Thursday, April 29, 2010

mas o menos?

I can't decide if this has been a good week, or a bad's a list to try and sort things out.

Good (put your best foot forward I always say)    (no, I never say this actually :( )
1) I finally was able to get a library card, Saints alive! That makes it a great week already.
2) I went to this amazing whole foods artisan market we have called SunTerra and got yumminess including:
Amazing glass bottled chocolate milk, fresh carrot juice, a brilliantly executed white chocolate raspberry square, yadayada
3) Got some visiting teaching done!
4) Found out about this whoot!
5) Found out we were getting a fantabulous tax return...finally I can get some furniture for our place.

and there could be more, but we move on to....the Bad.
1) I maimed a squirrel while driving and could see him flailing in the road after; very, very heartbreaking. Plus I killed a crow last week; my car is now a death machine and I just keep praying now every time I get in.
2) I ate (singlehandedly) almost all that yummy crap I bought at SunTerra already, so I'm a porker.
3) Bebe V is sick, she barks like a dog because she's all congested.
4) We were supposed to have a play date today but can't go because V is sick.
5) Its FLIPPIN' snowed and rained all week here!!!!!
6) I have been impaired from cleaning this week and I know have half a sink that is growing a third grade science project, no clean clothes for anyone, and a burgeoning threat to not even care.
7) A very serious lingerie accident that almost cost B his eye...serious.

I will struggle to remain positive, but I see the barometer swaying towards the downside a little. Boo, going to take care of cute sick baby and read lovely library books in snow town...hopefully without finishing off the chocolate milk.

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  1. Oh, Olivia . . . I think you are delightful :-)
    (this is Sister Hoke)