Thursday, January 31, 2013

oh hoho

Brandon's gone to play nutterpluck with his blokey friends. I'm sorry, that didn't make any sense; I just wanted to make up words/write those down. He went to play hockey, and now I'm sure he's drinking a coke at McDonald's. So, you long time readers know what that means: trouble with a capital not like I just wrote it, but like this: Trouble. Maybe we'll italicize it too, Trouble. I even bolded. Here is a break down of my night.

1) Watched Vida's favorite show with her, "Broke Gurlz" , as she calls it. She really is so trashy.
2) Watched Mindy Project by myself, while eating half an avocado with salsa. I'm on a raw food cleanse. (We'll talk more about that later, I'll get all new age on you.)
3) Dropped a can of open coconut milk on the floor/my leggings. Cursed a lot.
4) Watched the newest episode of New Girl, and got a little bit excited (if you know what I mean) when SPOILER ALERT!!!! Nick kissed Jessica.
Which led to nostalgia of days gone passed when boys kissed me so hard they picked me up, and there was caught breath, so I.....
5) Stalked ex boyfriends on fb, oh geez. Lame I know. Tell me you do it too, I know you do!
6) Took creepy, self indulgent pictures in the dark. Obviously to show all those exes what they've been missing.
So all in all, productive night.

Oh wait, you wanna see the pictures. Well fine.

six and eight are slightly different, thank you very muchhhhhh.


  1. You are a coolest person I know. I would eat avacados and watch The Mindy Project with you 8 days a week.

  2. Duuuude New Girl.
    P.S. you are so dramatic, glad you know it.