Friday, December 21, 2012

If not now then when?


is written 

in the hearts of men.

Society tells us it isn't, but our Spirits tell us something different. Mine tells me that no matter how blood red my soul becomes, there is One, he is the Son. He will make them white again, so that I can return home. I embrace change, I fall into it; heavy laden, after a weary day, falling deep into that warm, dark down comforter. I relish the ache that change brings to my sinews, the tears that it draws from my eyes, and the DOUBT it assuredly brings. Oh lordy, the doubt; may that doubt take me out into the wilderness, lead me to the mountain tops, tear a cry from my bosom! I'll shout from the top, and I'll watch the world change below me, because nothing ever stays the same. And sometimes that light from the top of the mountain pours down golden upon the land, pools in all the valleys, and shines like Christmas morning. But there are other times, when the mountain seems to split, and through the cracks and crags comes a deep dark burgundy that drenches the land. There are always two sides to the coin; but it doesn't matter, because there is only one way: Onward, Brothers and Sisters!

So in this season of change, take a moment to breathe it in. I wish you knowledge, joy, peace, charity, and adventure.

Mumford and Sons - The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel Cover) from curicuis on Vimeo.