Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vida Bida

Vida is sick.

That's her on July 5, the day we found out she has Nephrotic Syndrome, caused by Minimal Change Disorder. In a short order: her kidney's be broken. She went on a heavy course of steroids for six weeks, with another six week weaning process after that. She just finished earlier this week. They don't know what causes it, or what could trigger a relapse. Basically, she has a 70% of it never happening again. But, if it does happen again, she then has a 90% chance or relapsing over and over, until she will most likely grow out of it as a teenager. We're hoping that it will never happen again, and we're using garlic as a homeopathic method to fight of further relapses. The swelling should never happen again; but,all the proteins in her body get flushed out, leaving her body nothing to build all the important things, like an immune system. Prayers and good vibes accepted now.
She put on six pounds of water weight, and couldn't fit in any of the clothes we took to the lake(where we found out about the MCD).

The prednisone made her a crazy town for a while, like, absolutely incoherent. It was really sad; it also made her lethargic. This is her under her blanket, I watched as the shorts she was wearing slowly inched there way off her body, and out from under the blanket. NO CLOTHES!

Sad Belly

By her birthday in Aug, she was doing pretty well, just chubby steroid cheeks.

We go Nov 13, to the specialist, for a check-up. Let's do this!

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