Thursday, October 18, 2012


I feel bad, this guy hasn't gotten any of the cool blog posts that Vida received, I'm sure he'll be super kvetched when he's thirty. But this dude rocks! He just turned 11 months, and he's walking up a storm! He won't clap his hands, or wave unless I do it like 8 million times, but he still earns his keep somehow. He's very even keeled and doesn't care a bit that Vida snatches every toy of "her's" that he takes. They love each other so much, and love to play together, sometimes they sit in the back of the car and just laugh and laugh at each other in their carseats. Royce has almost eight teeth, weighs 23 lbs, and I don't know how tall, I just call him fat hobbit. He's also got an angel smile. We're in love with this sweet, sweet little man who loves to give us big open mouth kisses, and cuddles.

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