Saturday, April 14, 2012

this is why they pay me the big dollas

Teaching Your Children In Dependance

I found this, where else but Pinterest, and I thought I'd share it with you. My niece originally posted it, and I think we both found a few of the markers ahead of their age group; one I found particularly funny, was the advanced politics/law at 14. I chuckled a little there, but also thought that maybe I was underestimating kids in a few of these areas.

I continued to ruminate over it, and really began to think that some of these that I thought were a little advanced, should probably be taught at that age. I come from a family of shelterers, so I have phobias such as riding a bike on the street. So perhaps I should let my five year old learn how to heat canned food? You likey the logic in that one? But seriously, pioneer kids obviously did a lot. I think we're underwhelming our kids in the area of personal progress, while trying to overwhelm them in societal progress (kids with cell phones, i pads, computers, facebook, and every class or sport know to man). Maybe if my children are really starting to grasp advanced politics and law at 14, this world wouldn't be such a crappy place; and, they're probably not going straight from high school basketball to the NBA. I dream of a society where each person can proudly take responsibility for themselves. Where our new stations aren't filled with unchecked facts, and out right lies. Where politicians don't blow a gagillion dollars trying to get me to vote for them so that they can feel important; oh, hey, and maybe they write their own speeches, because guess what? If you didn't write it, then its not really you saying it.

I might be 24, but I think I'm going to start right back at three with Vida, and raise myself, and my kids, right. Because to be honest, there's quite a few things that I don't know how to do that maybe I should have learned at six, or seven. I can't enforce it unless I live it.

And right about here I put away the soapbox.

Happy days everyone!

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