Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Oh sweet Vida, you darling girl who refuses to potty train unless you go commando. I get it you little poopcicle, undies and pullups are just too much like diapers; go big or go home, you say. "Good for you!"I say, I'm pretty partial to going wild and free myself, or at least I was in the good yonder years.

But today sweet Dida (as you so fondly refer to yourself), you had your first poop accident. It's been a long road coming. You also peed, all over the restaurant floor. I know, I know, it was uncle Ryan who gave you so many glasses of water. So, close, yes, so close we were, you'd already peed on the potty once there. But alas, there was some sordid mix-up and the the rest landed in your cute little tights and pink skirt. I cleaned you up the best I could, but made you wear the evidence home, because what kind of mom has extra clothes for their potty training 2 year old? Pshhh, not this rad mom. No Vida, this is not that type of house hold, so you better learn to clench my dear daughter.

The poop fairy

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