Friday, June 17, 2011

What'sa poor soul to do?

I have, as usual, been lazy about the bloggies. You see I went to California and haven't taken anytime to download pics to post, so no blog. Then I had an idea for a whole week of posts, but thought that I didn't want to start that till after the photos were instead I sat here in my living room and ran in circles.

Actually, I ate almost a whole pesto-parmesan-tomato focaccia loaf to myself. It was delicious, and I can eat as many carbs as I want because I'm pregnant and going to get fat anyway. Maybe I will do some water ballet later to work it off.

No, I won't, I've never done water ballet. I wish I had though...

Anywho, this is a post to begin more posts. I am going to post a post of the posts that I will post next week. (Did you like that last sentence? It was a gift.)

I'll post for father's day!
Then I'm going to do a series on what I love about myself...bear with me, I'll explain on Monday...
And I will post Californ-I-A pictures.

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