Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things About Winter

So its winter here in Alberta (again) {{sigh}}

It has already kind of snow/frosted in the morning, and it was 3 deg C yesterday, which is 37.4 deg F.

That deserves some swear words.

So here are a few observations we've made in the last couple of weeks about winter:

1) Three weeks ago I woke up and it was dark and heavy like a blanket outside. I snuggled in and thought to myself  "ah, I'm kind of ready for winter, I can do this,"

2) Then the thought that followed immediately: "I could do winter for 3 or 4 months, not the next 8 or 9."

3) 3deg is freakin' cold now, wait till its -25deg out.

4) Went to the mall yesterday and a) blew smoke while putting the stroller away, and b) got into the car after being outside for no more than 5 min and having painfully cold ears.


And the quote of the day.....

Brandon: Burrrr it's so cold!
Olivia: It's only September; why do we live here!!!!
Brandon: But it's never this cold in September here!
Olivia: Well it IS this year!


 the sun setting on all my dreams


  1. its consistently over 90 F down here... probably wont start to cool down until the end of october either. But at least you guys have bomb skiing and you never have to worry about your slurpee melting before you can drink it all.

  2. I don't drink slurpees anymore, they make me sick. And I've never even been to the mountains here because I'm not cool.