Wednesday, April 23, 2014

rollin' around

1) It's NBA Playoffs season, so I have a lot of husband free nights right now. Took the weekend to watch awesome films. 

Ralph Fiennes (at all things) but especially directing, is really starting to get me (looking at you Coriolanus). This films not perfect, but beautiful and intriguing, and about Dickens' secret life, I mean come on. Do you ever have a problem with really great historical figures leading crappy personal lives? Like every man alive having trouble keeping their pants zipped? (I'm looking especially at you Thomas Jefferson)...

and I watched Inside Llewyn Davis; also meandering,and all internal like. Solid, beautiful music, a few brilliant moments.

2) There was a threat letter sent out in San Antonio about some potential violence happening at an unidentified school here tomorrow, so let's pray for safety, and hope nothing goes down; glad I don't have any kids in school yet, or that I don't have to be a teacher on a day like tomorrow.

3) Bought these beauts on Ebay, so excited.

4) I threw a very informal seder for YW mutual activity last night. Made some rockin' charoset, it was awesome. I love the house of Judah, wish I was an LDS Jew. I like the idea of remembering our heritage a little bit more; and I love the haunting beauty, and heaviness of the memories and ritual that the Jewish faith carries. Shalom.

5) Brandon's growing a sweet mullet for the summer, I'm sure a full unveiling won't be until July. 

6) Shout out to all my homies reading in far flung places. It always makes me happy that after America, my blog has the most hits from Russia (haha, winning). And sometimes I have obscure hits; so hello to my lone reader in Azerbaijan. I hope you didn't have to pay like 10 manat at some internet cafe to read this crap post. 


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