Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Not much going on over here in ol' San Antone. If anyone wants to come visit, we'd be tickled pink. I figured I'd like to write something down on here, so I'm going to jot a little grocery list of things that have happened.

- Potty trained Royce, dude's an animal.
- Chaperoned the youth Valentine dance/talent show at church, and they're the bomb! I love serving with the youth.
- Brandon rolled his ankle playing basketball (again), so we're pretty much looking at reconstructive surgery now.
- It's been pretty frigidly cold here too, the other day there was a record snowfall: .6 inches! But it really has been freezing.
- Did a 10 day juice fast with B, and Ryan and Lea, B's brother and his wife.
- Two weeks till our trip to SLC for Brandon's mom's upcoming wedding. I looooooove Utah so much so I'm very happy. Plus the family time, blah blah blah ;) We roll in on the 26th, and stay till the 3rd, so we can celebrate Brandi's B'day on the 2nd.
- Pretty much I feel like a fat lazy turkey writing this list, but I always like to hibernate in winter, so bring it on Spring!

Know that I'm ashamed to write such a lame post. Blushing right now as you read this.....

This is a sample of the photo that Vida leaves on our phones everyday. It's almost always the same.

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