Saturday, February 9, 2013

A treatise on my brain happenings

Oh winter time in Canada! Bane, lame, arcane, nothing short of insane; actually, it's been alright this year, but maybe that's only because I know I'm moving to Texas in the upcoming month! Yesterday we were taking a walk, and it was cold (duh, but actually it was "warm" for us, but still cold), and I told Vida that we would be warm in Texas soon. It's pretty much my daily mantra to her. She says, "I know, and we won't have to wear a jacket ever! We're going to sell our jackets, sell our jackets!" As she merrily skipped down the sidewalk. Amen sista, amen.

Vida's actually obsessed with selling our stuff. I went through all our stuff, sorted out what we don't need, and told her we were going to have a garage sale. She digs through the pile now, trying to hoard back her clothes. And in her darkest moments she whimpers things like: "don't sell this dress," or "don't sell all my toys," hehe.

And now, pictures of things that dance in my brain and my dreams:


breastfeeding adopted child

watch on netflix

You know, for those interested in watching subtitled documentaries on Russian mafia bosses.

Happy wanderings this Satur Day.

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