Thursday, March 15, 2012

The latest

My creative juices are flowing, so (hopefully) look for great thing to come! When I get the magic mojo going is also when I do my best deep thinking; not just questioning, but real deep thought that take root and uplifts. The other night I lay pondering the difference between "what" and "why". I pictured a beautiful library all around me, the kind with the fireplace, and the ladder, and beautiful books all around. FYI the library has nothing to do with anything (unless you want to get freudian) I just thought the wonderful ability of the mind to create sounded beautiful in the retelling. So, I was in this library imagining the difference between "what" and "why". I see a book lying on the ground, and I imagine I threw that book on the ground. That is the answer I would give is someone asked me what happened. And then I thought about why I threw the book. Maybe I saw a spider, or I was angry at the main character. Perhaps I was testing the laws of gravity, or I wanted to hear what it would sound like in this quiet room. I realized that the why is so much more visceral than the what. That "what" is the history book account, but "why" is the personal diary.

I fell that life would be better if I thought more in whys than whats. I think this goes hand in hand with the divine plan as well. Christ taught that I would be held accountable for my actions, but also my intentions. The whys in life are the secret doors that take us to whole new dimensions. That turn a flower into a living breathing work of art, more vibrant in color, delightful to the nose, and more thoughtful in being. We can step behind the veil of this sometimes sad reality with beautiful intentions. Because Christ also taught us that the great motivator is love; love for our God, ourselves, and one another. You can do anything with noble, loving intent, and become the king or queen you were designed to be. Which leads me to the two year old. She is so sweet and humble in her intentions. And yet her actions often lead me to let myself be overcome with anger. I've read that anger at your children is really fear and disappoint meant towards yourself that you're not doing an adequate job as a parent, or heaven forbid (sarcastic eyeroll) someone else might disapprove of you because of your child's actions. If I focused on her whys and not her whats I could never be angry at her. Heck, as I just finished explaining, if I focused on my own whys again, I still couldn't be angry at her.

It's a two way street, heavenly parents created a world where I could build a live by diverging down any avenue with any number of whys; but, they made sure that there was always a path back for me, a path of forgiveness and redemption also made possible by my whys. For I was given a choice, and my choices will hopefully be made with a majority of good intent behind them, and that road will lead me home again.

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