Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oi Vey

I might be getting a little ahead of myself, but I've really been thinking of my New Year's resolutions. I've already started to get in the groove with some things no, a little jump start if you will. I try to make all my yearly goals about consciousness; opening awareness within myself. I'll share some here with you, in case you'd like to ponder them and take up the crusade as well.

1. My biggest material goal is to rid my house of any and all unnatural chemicals. I already buy all natural cleaning (and most beauty) products, but this year I'm slowly going to teach myself to make all of them. Thereby effectively cutting costs, increasing health by decreasing harmful chemicals in the body, increasing my preparedness skills (ain't goin' be no chapstick in the apocalypse), and increasing my self-worth.

2. This fits in to numero uno, but if I split it up and succeed then I look like a bigger success. Of course if I fail, then I'll be a bigger failure...oh you silly knife cutting both ways! Alack, I digress; I will really strive to get our act, as a family, together with our eating habits. I believe that properly fuelled, and free of harmful additives, or body was created by Heavenly Father to do incredible things, including healing itself. So I will be striving to live the word of wisdom more consciously; ie no addictive substances (sugar, you substitute for crack!), lots of fruits and veggies, and meat sparingly.

3. As I dive deeper into mommydom, and need those frequent mommy breaks, I want to try harder to stay away from the computer and television during this times. Pushing myself towards more creative outlets. I also want to use this same principle for being more consciously active with my kids. Finding new ways to engage with them, and help them grow.

4. While I was pregnant I tried to talk BMan into doing a sprint triathlon with me this upcoming year to loose our extra baby fat. He's looking kind of shaky, but I'm holding strong and can't wait to start training. For all you Lyons' out there, here's the one I think everyone over 10 in the fam should do this summer in Coeur d' Alene. It can even be done with teams for those really lazy people ;)

5. And my two ever present and constant goals of educating myself and service.

Well the girl is waking, so I guess I better get off the computer!


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