Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the whosits and whatsits

Lately I have been kurfuddled in my mind, neither moving this way or that in a bloggy sense. I was focused on mundane things that I just didn't want to post about, and couldn't finish up any of the really ponderful thoughts that I was having. So I waited, I kept still, and quiet...tres unlike me. But if pregnancy teaches you one thing it is how to be patient and slow. Listening to life grow inside of you, following the new energy that flows around you, and pausing to think and worry all along the way. So fitting to the season. My body feels like fall, and I get the feeling this little boy is going to be like winter. He gives me the impression that he is going to be more quiet and focused the other three of us. I can't wait to see what he adds to the family. My house is almost clean, and the countdown begins, one week tomorrow!!!!!

Miss thing and I doing some waiting

 last week, I promise you I really am pregnant, I'll try and take some actually pregnant looking pictures sometime soon.

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