Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today is the special day that I was hitched to this man:

four stinkin' years ago! Holy Smoley. I like him, he's pretty cool. He tells me he's awesome...

He has sexy short hair now, which I've been begging him to do forever, and I love it! He is also a very stupendous d.a.d. so I got lucky there.

He still makes me laugh and think "who is this kid?" is pure wonderment. This is him making me take a picture of him, and his nacho creations, because he was so proud of himself. In fact he made me take four pictures of said event.

He tries so hard to make everyday special for our family in his own little way.

He loves me, he's kind to me, he takes care of me in all ways. And even when we reach those valleys, each day is still amazing because he just keeps right on trying and loving. We know that we can do anything together. We are sealed together for all of time and eternity, and this is only the beginning. 

Now let's take this post old school, like third grade.

B ootilicious, seriously, check it out next time.
R eally great at basketball.
A lways talks to himself/others in his head, with hand gestures and muttering.
N ever stops dreaming.
D irected by a good heart.
O pen to any vacation in a tropical area.
N ot afraid to try and try again.

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