Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome WEE Wons

Today is a day for celebration!
Our newest nephew was born last night (big round of applause for the new mommy, daddy, and babe)
My sweet baby V is very excited for her new cousin.

I love to ponder the "mysteries of heaven" and think about whether our two little tykes were chattin' up in heaven before they came, making plans for summers at the lake together, and strenghthening each others resolve to come here and do great things. I love them, I love that we are an eternal family, I love thinking of forever with all my family gathered round me.

I love little children, I cry whenever I see one of those africa baby commercials, or hear about Haiti, or any sweet little thing that children do. I'm very grateful to be a primary teacher in my ward at church where I teach 4 year olds. They are sweeter than sunshine, and they are never far from my thoughts.

                                                                   Yea for babies!!!!!

"And I am filled with charity, which is everlasting love; wherefore all children are alike unto me; wherefore I love little children with a perfect love; and they are all alike and partakers of salvation." Moroni 8:17

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